Christie Halliday also known as #kristysing. Gospel artist, song writer, worship leader and blogger. Started singing in the church choir as a teenager since 1999. she love Jesus, you and nature. Inspired by the events of HER childhood experiences, the world we live in and how it can affect negatively the one who does not know who he/she is in Christ Jesus. She was inspired by these scriptures 2Corinthians 5:7 and 1peter 2:9 to put down this piece #WhoiAm (Produced by #DBF) to let everyone know that they are special no matter what they are going through because God has bought us with a price. He chose us and made us royalties. We are blessed, unstoppable, favored, victorious, excellent and full of glory. That’s who He made us.
This song is an affirmation…reminding us of who we are in Christ and what He’s done for us.

Listen, Download and be blessed

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I walk by faith and not by sight
For the things I see are temporary
I live a life of favor and victory
That’s where I live

Verse 2:
I am a chosen race royal priesthood
Salt of the earth I’m holy and blameless
I am His workmanship created for good works
That’s who I am (2x

Glorious Lord God Almighty
Everlasting King You are my dwelling place
I put my trust in you
You are full of compassion
Nobody greater.

I’m blessed
I’m favored
I’m a Victor
I’m excellent
Full of glory
He made so


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